Developing extra sensory perception and psychic healing Spiritual guidance for extra sensory perception and psychic healing
Spiritual guidance to develop extra sensory perception & psychic healing
Psychic healing using extra sensory perception
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Private Consultations - psychic healing and ghost hauntings
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Stuart Ewen Ruthven is a Spiritual Therapist providing spiritual healing and guidance either through private consultations or guided meditation classes. Stuart also specialises in cleansing of ghost hauntings or paranormal activity.

"Extra sensory perception" is the tool of spiritual guidance that provides clarity and awareness to help you resolve your karmic obstacles now or in the future. A tool, which can be introduced to you through Stuart's spiritual meditation classes or private consulations. Increased perception, intuition and awareness which is what some call "extra sensory perception" is available to everyone through a disciplined approach.

Stuart's experience entails a vast area of spiritual and psychic healing / phenomena, which is augmented through his understanding of astrology, feng shui and numerology as diagnostic aids.

Private consultations are given covering aspects such as understanding the nature and forces behind relationships (business or personal) to reviewing your current and future position and the spiritual forces and influences around you. Consideration to your spiritual, physical nature and well being are viewed holistically.

Consultations focusing on psychic healing are also available, which may be partly through a guided meditation. As a therapist dealing with karmic issues, Stuart's extra sensory perception working through his spiritual guidance includes access to Akashic records (past life spiritual healing).

Stuart's small intimate classes focus on developing your own unique relationship with your spiritual guidance. A "guided meditation" focused on your own spiritual guidance facilitates the development of your own extra sensory perception, and awareness in spiritual healing.

Develop your extra sensory perception and psychic healing
Develop your extra sensory perception and psychic healing
Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
Spiritual healing harnessing Chi