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The study of paranormal activity and interest in karmic and spiritual healing is Stuart's commitment. "Ghost busters", is a romantic term for cleansers of paranormal activity, a role which forms one part of the broader spiritual healing work that Stuart commonly encounters. Paranormal activity is not an uncommon learning encounter on anyone's spiritual development. Many stories and legends are devoted to this subject in various cultures around the world.

The solution to understanding all the paranormal activity that Stuart encountered became lessons that deepend his partnership with his spiritual guidance. Stuart's experience over the years with paranormal activity has been called upon to help or work with psychics from a vast array of cultures and traditions. These cultures and traditions have been as broad as the indigenous groups tracing their origin from Australia, America or Africa, talisman craftsmen with their practices in Wicca, or the kabala and practitioners from western spiritualist churches.

This experience with other psychics has itself introduced alternative ways to Stuart of relating with "Spiritual Guidance", and spiritual existences in general. Hence, Stuart's sees every experience as an avenue of deepening the feeling of your spiritual guidance.

He sees life as journey that provides the opportunity to feel, and feeling is part of your spiritual development. All learning is spiritual development at some level, but integrating it into your innate spiritual self opens the avenue to a greater depth of feeling and satisfaction in all facets of life.

Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
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