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Chi  the dynamics of life explained

Whether we call it chi or ki or the universal life force, it is the flow that enables life and changes at all levels. Different practitioners see and use it in different ways, harnessing it, even modifying it to achieve different objectives.

To focus on a flow of light or chi, that ultimately flows from a single supreme point of light, could be referred to as "The Creator", defined as the essence of unconditional love. This flow is ideally seen as flowing through the individual's spiritual hierarchy, and eventually flowing through the student. Chi therefore should be regarded as having a form of consciousness, possessing a quality of feeling. In its purest form a feeling of calm elation, ie. unconditional love. Chi possesses many aspects within itself. When seen as a colour, we can see it form a rainbow. Each colour possessing a different feeling or perception. The colour can be altered or presented in a pastel calmness or a shimmering electric tint. And in astrology, chi can be further divided or defined into its elemental nature. Different divisions exist for the eastern or western approaches, for example the west sees four elements; fire, water, air and earth.

Modifying Chi
Chi's nature can be further modified by thoughts and feelings that can be picked up by the flow, and in most circumstances making it heavier, darker and potentially incompatible to the chi a human aura requires for a comfortable life. Chi changes as it moves and flows along the earth plane, and one discipline, Feng Shui has arisen from this phenomena. Chi can be weakly sourced through various substances (food) and healing through crystals or spiritual healers. However, the strongest source will always by from and through the most direct route possible.

By altering the flow of chi, from one aspect to another, a string of ideas and feelings are created, enabling the angelic realm to engage in communication. All knowledge (all awareness) is transmitted on this basis. It should be further noted that if there is a karmic need, any information will always be available. There is no trade mark or restriction to awareness outside karmic considerations. Thus healing is not just a flow of life; it is a flow of wisdom and awareness.

Guide and Angels
Everyone possesses much the same spiritual hierarchy or team, composed of various guides and angels, their specialty varying on the basis of the karmic direction of the human involved. The more wisdom that is sought, the more teachers are assigned. It is not a social phenomena, but a karmic need based on the evolution of the spirit. Relatives are always found around individuals, but if you are desiring a spiritual wisdom or inspiration, they are not the preferred source.

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Chi or Ki is unconditional love  the universal life force
Chi or Ki is unconditional love  the universal life force
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