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Private Consultations - psychic healing and ghost hauntings
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Private Consultations - psychic healing and ghost hauntings
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If you require a personal psychic medium, Stuart Ewen Ruthven provides private psychic consultations. Stuart has recognized experience whereby other psychics and practitioners have recommended him to provide psychic healings and/or the cleansing of ghost hauntings.

Psychic healing is seen as a comprehensive approach, seeing the individual as a projection of a higher consciousness. It is feeling and understanding the development of the self over countless incarnations. The objective of psychic healing is the care and development of physical, emotional and spiritual natures as part of a single related structure.

Stuart's particular experience in astrology and feng shui as tools for diagnosis for psychic healing allows for a greater depth of understanding, and healing of the life process in a world of other influences.

Stuart's personal involvement in cleansing "ghost hauntings" and psychic healing in the past makes the practice of visiting either the home or work place of his clients a common occurrence. He is also available from the Dee Why Therapeutic Centre in Oaks Avenue, Dee Why, where he has consulted on issues of health, psychic healing and general well being.

Apart from psychic healing, Stuart's private consultations can also be to focus on spiritual development and fostering your link with your spirit guides. Ultimately it is caring for each individual's spiritual needs and requirements.

Contact Stuart on either or (02) 9939-0887 to organise a private consultation.

Private Consultations - psychic mediums
Private Consultations - psychic mediums
Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
Spiritual healing harnessing Chi