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Classes aim at developing a personal relationship with your spiritual guides. These spiritual guides focus on assisting your understanding and journey towards being a spiritual being. This does involve psychic development and awareness. Guided imagery meditation is one tool to improve your relationship with your spiritual guides, and this will lead you to understand and diagnose your nature, health and well being and affect the necessary spiritual healing. Once you have developed this skill for yourself, it can be directed to others who seek your help.

Stuart generally aims to have two hour classes which are relatively small in size to provide greater attention to individual issues and karmic needs. Individual sessions are also available.

There is no set curriculum as it varies according to the student's spiritual guides. However the subject matter covered is inevitably very comprehensive and requires students to have a strong sense of personal discipline and a commitment to best spiritual practices. If the student's needs are special due to health issues, then these can be accommodated.

Ultimately, psychic development is a journey of spiritual healing, to create awareness through calmness sourced through and accompanied by your spiritual guides.

To attend one of Stuart's spiritual development classes email stuart@spiritualhealingmeditation.com.au
or phone (02) 9939-0887.

Guided imagery meditation with spiritual guides
Guided imagery meditation with spiritual guides
Stuart cleanses paranormal activity commonly known as ghost busters.
Spiritual healing harnessing Chi